Keynote speakers are the heart of any big gathering such as a convention or a conference.  Getting a keynote speaker is a challenge in itself.  Many companies have made the mistake of getting popular celebrities and other personalities and just bank on their good name.  However, this is not often very successful.  Many “popular” speakersride on the coattails of their celebrity status and are often ill-prepared and not able to connect to the audience.

This is an unfortunate fact because companies often invest a good amount of money in order to arouse unity and enthusiasm among their members. Excellent keynote speakers come prepared by knowing the topic or issue of interest that they will talk about.  They should also do considerable research on the organization and relate their speech according to the needs and interests of the audience.

The topic of the keynote speech is also very crucial to its success.  The topic has to be relevant and infused with the truth.  It has to come from extensive research and factual information. Effective speakers are very thorough in their preparation and will not stand in front of an audience not primed to surpass expectations.

Here are 5essential topics that keynote speakers usually address:
  1. Leadership

    Keynote SpeakersGreat leaders usually exercise undue influence over their team mates not because of skill, intelligence, or even personality, but because they have learned the skill of listening and valuing others.  Being a leader is a big challenge, and even more so in today’s diverse organizations.  Leaders also come in many different levels within the company.  It is not just top management who are leaders, but even members or employees who are considered on the lower end of the organizational chain are considered leaders as well.

  2. Change Management

    Organizational change is an issue that everyone is faced with.  Change is always a challenging thing, and this topic is a popular and essential keynote topic because change is always happening and we cannot avoid it or even get rid of it.  Since each organization is faced with different types of changes, it is good for keynote speakers to customize their talk on change management.  This can be done by conducting interview and giving our questionnaires.

  3. Customer Service

    Customers are the lifeblood of the business and the importance of customer satisfaction and loyalty cannot be undermined.  One popular topic for keynote addresses is best practices in making customers choose our products or services over the competition.

  4. Sales Management

    Sales managers and sales teams need a lot of motivation, knowledge and practical tips on how to deliver great results for their companies.  Many organizations request for a keynote address that delves into how to equip, manage and motivate sales teams and sales managers.

  5. Communication

    Many companies cite miscommunication as one key element why some perform far below expectations or some projects are not successful. Many industry leaders acknowledge that lack of communication or miscommunication is an issue that needs to be resolved within the company.  Effective keynote speakers address communication issues, especially the fact that communication must be used to achieve company goals and to effectively connect with co-workers.

Keynote Speaker With the diversity of clients that comes across our path, we make it a point to know exactly what their needs are and get to know their stories a little better.  It is impossible for Keynote Speaker Garrison Wynn to be as successful as he is and to get rave reviews every single time he speaks if he only talks about general topics during his keynote speeches.  The secret behind his success is that he knows how to research well.  He makes it a point to find out more about the organization and he customizes his speeches to address these needs accordingly.

In this way, he comes across as relevant and genuine, someone who is there to arouse passion, interest, and enthusiasm and induce the audience to action.  From government clients such as the US Navy, to big corporations and associations such as Royal Dutch Shell, American Express, Federal Express, Price, Water house, Coopers, and many more, they all say that Mr. Wynn blends humor, motivation, and a customized content.

To begin with, a representative from will get in touch with the company and will request them to fill out a pre-program questionnaire to give us a general overview of the company.  Garrison also does a conference call with company representatives and his staff will also conduct an extensive research on the industry.  Using this, they will piece together a perfect keynote address for the client company. This “perfect-fit” approach ensures the clients that Mr. Wynn values them and their needs, and guarantees a successful keynote address.  Most of the time, the intention of the company leaders are in perfect harmony with the keynote speech, and generates great response with the audience.

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A golf club is a tool used by golfers to strike the golf ball. A typical set of golf clubs in a players’ bag consists of 3 woods, seven irons, 1 hybrid and a putter. Golf iron sets usually consist of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons and a pitching wedge.

Irons differ from other clubs due to their club heads with deeper grooves that extend to the face from toe to heel and run parallel from top to bottom. The grooves help you control your shot by generating the spin on the golf ball.

Golf iron sets generally come in 6 to 8 individual irons numbered from 3 through 9 and a pitching wedge (PW). The number of the golf club indicates how high the shot it produces and how far the shot travels. The number corresponds to the angle of the loft. A higher number indicates a greater loft angle. A higher loft also means that the ball will fly higher but on a shorter distance. This is why irons are typically used when you are closer to the hole as the thin, small heads of irons help in producing a more accurate shot.

Golf Irons Sets
To help you choose the golf iron sets based on your skills, you should be aware of these basic iron types:
  • Maximum Game Improvement Irons – These are the so-called Cavity Back because they are designed to have a large hollow part at the back of the club head, which is known as cavity.  These iron types are ideal for beginners and those with 25 or higher handicaps. It is easier to hit and more forgiving because of their enlarged sole and top line.
  • Game Improvement Irons – These are the most popular golf iron sets. They have thinner and compact sole and top line with smaller cavity back. They are ideal for those with 5 to 25 handicap.
  • Player’s Irons – These are cavity muscle back or muscle back irons, also known as blade. These irons are mostly used by professionals and highly skilled golfers. They typically have no cavity and their back is flat, making them harder to use. However, when used properly, these irons offer better results and feel compared to a cavity back.
To help you choose further, you must know about the club components.
Golf Irons

Grip – This is the rubber cover at the topmost end of the shaft where you hold to or grip. It is identified according to the size of the player’s hand: Standard, Midsize, Jumbo or Oversize. This part of the club has one sole purpose, to let you effectively grip the club.

Shaft – This is the cylindrical piece of metal wherein the grip is attached to. Its length varies per design and comes in various flexes. Some clubs are stiffer or more flexible than the others. Golf clubs are labeled according to their flex and who are using them: S-stiff, X- extra stiff, R-Regular, L- ladies, A- amateur and S- Senior.

If you are not sure which flex suits you, contact Rockbottomgolf. They offer a variety of golf iron sets with different brands such as Adams, Cobra, Wilson and Taylor Made.

Hosel – This connects the shaft to the club head. It affects the lie angle of the club. You need your lie angle adjusted based on your arm length, swing style and height. You can choose from upright lie wherein the shaft is bent to increase the angle or flat when you need the angle decreased.

Club head – This part of the club is the one, which hits the ball. It affects the height and distance the ball will travel. This is the main feature of a club and usually the first thing that players look into. Club heads are designed according to the technology and design of each manufacturer. They are also designed based on the ability of the player. No matter what the design or technology is, they all have the same purpose – to hit the ball and strike it forward.

It is important to know these components as they all affect your success in the golf course. Rockbottomgolf covers all you golf club needs and they also provide great discounts on all brands.