The Uses of Custom Patches

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Wearing fashionable and well-designed clothes is significant to many people. In fact, many consider fashion as a way to express them. Transforming simple clothes into fancier ones continue to gain favor among people. Some choose beads, pearls, and additional decorative materials, while some people choose embroidered patches.

It is unusual that we do not see customized embroidered or iron-on patches these days.  Custom patches have become a trend and a top choice for different causes or movements. People can now avail of the custom patches they desire, with unlimited possibilities of how these will look and feel. Each design is unique depending on the taste of the customers. Moreover, these can be accessible almost anywhere in the world, most especially at

What exactly are custom patches?

These are usually embroidered or iron-on to a shirt, uniform, cap, or any other fabric materials. They have a long, rich history dating back to the 1800’s when thread stitching was born. In this article, we from will list down the many functions of custom patches in the modern times.

Custom Patch

Embroidered patches are used in the army. In fact, the initial usage of these patches was the British Army’s decision to sew these onto the uniforms of their soldiers. Patches that represent rank and unit are usually sewn at the sleeves of military uniforms and ones that signify merits and awards are sewn on the chest part. The former is very useful in military operations.

The US military adopted this practice during the Civil War and today, soldiers all around the globe have at least a patch sewn to their uniforms. Additionally, police officers also have these patches.

Moreover, different organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts use these custom patches when celebrating special events. Moreover, these patches are called “badges” and are awarded for the scouts’ achievements. To the troops, badges are something to aim for because these somehow define what they can do as individual troopers. Several patches also signify the ranks in troops. For example, a patch can differentiate a Senior Girl Scout from a Star Scout and a Senior Boy Scout from an Eagle Scout.

Additionally, many companies around the world have their personal uniforms and company logos converted to custom patches that they can easily attach to their uniforms. This application goes the same way with schools and universities. Moreover, different sports teams are known to have their team logos embroidered on their caps, varsity jackets, and uniforms. Custom patches add a touch of identity.

We from can provide freedom and flexibility in personalization of embroidered and iron-on patches.

Moreover, custom patches can also be great souvenirs for other special events

Custom PatchesThis serves not only as a memorabilia, but also as a promotional item. This is a great way to promote social causes and awareness movements. Since these patches can be easily sewn onto almost anything that has fabric in it, promotions have never been easier than now.

Additionally, a memento of the event can give the attendees’ the idea to come back if ever another one is organized in town. This is like hitting two birds in on stone for a very affordable price.

Lastly, custom patches pave way for good business opportunities. Since they have many functions, many business-minded folks are enticed to invest in these. In fact, many movies like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and more have created merchandises with customized patches on them. From t-shirts to caps, the list goes on. Musicians and bands also opt to promote their music with the use of custom patches. There are unlimited opportunities to earn just by utilizing the trend of custom patches these days.

We from aim to give our customers only the best and high-quality custom patches. Moreover, our full customization feature enables customers to choose from different attachment methods such as Velcro, iron-on, and tape backing, as well as button loop. Additionally, customers can design what they want to have, including the color of the thread.

Lastly, with just a minimum purchase of 10 pieces, we offer the cheapest, most economical option for custom patches fit for the needs of the clients.

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